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Loan officer on call this weekend is: Scott Matthews

Loan Application





Please check the box under Guarantor and/or Co-Guarantor to answer YES, leave the box uncheck to answer NO

Are there any outstanding judgements against you?
Have you been declared bankrupt in the last 7 years?
Have you had property foreclosed on or given deed in lieu?
Are you currently a party to a lawsuit?
Are you presently in default on a mortgage?
Do you have any liens (Federal, State, Other) that may hinder clean title?
Do you intend to occupy the subject property?
Have you ever been convicted of a felony/crime?


I/we authorize Universal Capital, LLC (or its agents or vendors) to make the necessary inquiries at its sole discretion to determine the financial status, credit worthiness, investor interest and all other matters Universal Capital, LLC deems necessary to satisfy Universal Capital, LLC’s underwriting requirements for this transaction. I/we certify, to the best of my/our knowledge, the accuracy of the answers to the questions above and that any negligent misrepresentation may result in civil liability and monetary damages.


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