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Fix and Flip Success in Portland, ME

Dale Holman of Portland, Maine has been investing in real estate for over 20 years. As many real estate investors often do, he found himself in the situation of needing loans to purchase the unique types of properties and rehab projects that he was investing in. These are loans that conventional banks would not issue. Dale was seeking non-traditional lending, and he was looking for access to funding from a convenient source that could offer the fast and hassle free responses he needed to help him purchase more of the properties he sought.

After hearing about a transaction Universal Capital had successfully secured for one of his business partners, Dale connected with their team. A robust relationship followed, and he has continued to build on his association with Universal Capital by frequently utilizing their services By taking advantage of this non-traditional lending (that is primarily secured and issued on the value of the Real Estate alone) he has been able to expand his “fix and flip” projects in and around the Greater Portland market.
Says Dale on his partnering with Universal Capital, “We have benefited from working with UC as our success wouldn’t exist without our partnership, as they provide us the funds to purchase, rehab, and resell properties that has provided us the reward of attractive profits.”

When Dale was asked to describe his experience working the UC team, he stated, “We have always had great experiences. They (UC) have always delivered with every commitment and transaction. They help make a complex process easier from the start to finish of a transaction, and they are very pleasant to work with. They have the industry expertise and knowledge that we need from a lending partner that helps us stay aligned with the market and the economy.”

Are you in a similar position to Dale? A seasoned real estate investor looking to forge a new partnership and take advantage of real estate investment opportunities in your area? Perhaps you are new to the idea of a fix-and-flip project, but intrigued by the prospect of getting starting and taking control of your financial future with these investments and ventures. Either way, Universal Capital can help! Call or drop an email today and let Universal Capital team introduce you to their services.

“We always recommend UC to others as they deliver funds on time, continue to provide the escrow requisition funds throughout the project, and they are amazing to work with!”

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