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Who Really Invests in Real Estate?

When you envision the stereotype of a real estate investor, you might conjure up the image of a businessman in an expensive-looking suit working in a high-rise in New York.

But what pieces of that stereotype are actually true? In this article we are going to dig into who really invests in real estate. While some typical perceptions might ring true, it turns out that the “average” real estate investor might be a bit different than what most think.

Assumption #1: To invest in real estate, you must be rich.

Reality: Many of our investors aren’t raking in millions when it comes to their annual income. Carefully saving and using creative financing options, our investors are just like any average Jane and Joe when it comes to household income. But they are making smart decisions to help secure their financial future.

Assumption #2: Real estate investors are 50+ and have years of experience in business.

Reality: Many of the investors the UC team works with are between the age of 30-39 years old, or even younger. Our take on this is that real estate investing is an alternate path to building wealth and being an entrepreneur, and we see a younger age range interested in building wealth beyond a 401k.

Assumption #3: To invest in real estate, you must be a homeowner first.

Reality: Most investors buy a home before they explore investing, however there are many exceptions to this rule. Some investors who don’t own a nome are serving in the military or even living with family to make money on a rental!

Assumption #4: Real estate investors either own apartment units or develop land.

Reality: This one could not be farther from the truth, most investors own single-family homes. The upfront cost is typically less, as is the risk.

Assumption #5: Real estate investors living booming cities along the coast.

Reality: Investors live all across the US! Real Estate investing is about finding a good deal and creating a positive cash flow in the city you invest in.

The team at Universal Capital can help ANYONE get started in real estate investing, because we know how to guide you and help you invest within your means. Call or drop an email today and let Universal Capital team introduce you to their services.

Source: Assumptions vs. Reality: Who Really Invests in Real Estate?

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